Democrats seemed to have lost their bid to delay a vote on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle said he and President Cllinton would make no further concessions to a small group of Senate conservatives. Daschle offered to pledge not to try to reschedule a vote on the treaty – “barring extraordinary circumstances” – before the swearing in of a new president and Congress in 2001. But Republican Sens. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Jon Kyl of Arizona, James Inhofe of Oklahoma, and Bob Smith of Indiana held firm in demanding an early vote. Alabama residents voted down a state lottery to benefit public education, rejecting the issue that helped Gov. Don Siegelman (D) oust former Gov. Fob James (R) last year. Critics had said the lottery, patterned after one started in Georgia in 1993, would be an immoral tax on the poor. With 94 percent of the state’s precincts reporting, 54 percent of voters favored the lottery; 46 percent opposed it.
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Full Text: The Christian Science Monitor 1999 Oct 14


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