The nicotine patch is preventing me from sleeping nights. Would using melatonin help alleviate this problem? Are there any side effects I should know about?

Use of the nicotine patch, while helpful in reducing the unpleasant effects of quitting, can include its own problems, one of the most common being disruption of regular sleep schedules. Other typical problems include nervousness, feelings of anxiety and of course, a continued craving for cigarettes.

Naturally, some of these symptoms are as much psychological as they are physical and melatonin—other than as a placebo—will have little effect.

First off, it is perfectly safe to use melatonin as a sleep aid while using the patch.  However, you should know that recent studies indicate melatonin’s therapeutic effects may be at least somewhat limited.

Studies do indicate that melatonin can help alleviate feelings of stress and tension brought on by smoking cessation, and can therefore aid in falling and staying asleep.

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    You can take Melatonin with nicotine patch, some patches can just be worn during the day, they may suit you better.
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